Simona & Qui Qui


Faithful, a bit gawky and a creature of habit, Qui Qui is the family goose, custodian of Il Canto del Maggio and its grounds. Qui Qui and Simona are a close-knit pair: the first keeps a watch on the gardens and the pool; Simona splits her time between the apartments and the restaurant. Their companionship illuminates the spirit of the place.

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6 apartments: each with its own story


At the heart of a historic hillside hamlet surrounded by nature, where country folks once passed along the lanes between the six houses to sing the praises of May and the coming of spring.

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A hidden treasure


Located just above the old hamlet of Penna Alta, there we grow the vegetables and herbs that are used in preparing our dishes. Guests are always welcome to visit the garden and, if they like, eat fresh produce right there at the big stone table.

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Relax in the shade of an olive grove


Our swimming pool, set in an ample olive grove, measures 22 x 6 meters with a section devoted to a hydromassage.
Within the grounds are flower beds with plants and herbs from our garden, an antique wrought iron gazebo covered with an arbor of vines amid wild strawberry bushes—a place to relax and enjoy the surrounding sounds of nature.

Simona’s speciality


Simona is well aware of the importance of breakfast. That’s why each morning she selects only natural foods and prepares them by hand to make every guest’s awakening a magic moment.

The charm of an ancient hamlet with a warm and friendly welcome